Jacci Bianchi & Jillian Cooke-BREACH OF CONTRACT-OWES $17,000

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BEWARE---They owe me $17,000!!!

Jacci Bianchi, Jacqueline Bianchi, Jillian Cooke, Patrick Cooke, James Chance Ortells, Erbaclean, Erba Clean, Erba Lifestyle, Gatherings PartyDesign

Do not do business with any of these people. They are not trustworthy, despite their assurances to the contrary. We entered into a contract for sale of my business. They seemed straightforward and assured me they wanted to move forward quickly. Jacci Bianchi (aka Jacqueline Bianchi) is the mother and her two children are in business with her. Her daughter Jillian Cooke (Married to Patrick Cooke) ran a floral/event planning business which I was told they planned to continue at my shop.

On March 29, 2012, I signed a contract with Jillian and Jacci. They partially performed under the contract while assuring me of their intent to continue to perform and fulfill their contractual obligations. The lease on the business was to end July 31, 2012. By July 27, 2012, I received emails from Jackie and Jillian stating that certain items were 'not removable' unless they were destroyed (this was not true), in particular, a refrigerated cooler. I had the cooler disassembled and told them they could pick it up to move it to a new location. They did not make any arrangements to move anything from the shop. Ultimately they abandon the items which remained at the shop and then unilaterally subtracted $7500 from our contract price for the items they left behind.

They did, however, take the credit card machine, inventory, fixtures and left over $1100.00 in past due utilities. They currently owe me approximately $17,000 for the sale and the costs of abandonment.

They refuse to pay on the contract for sale. Now, they're currently trying to hide from me. They abandoned the shop contents as a way to justify their position not to pay. I was given four days notice and without warning had to clean up the shop and all the contents. I have been told they are now operating as Gatherings, an event planning business.

Jacci's son, James Chance Ortells, operated a "cleaning service" called Erbaclean. There was never any discussion that 2 businesses would be run out of my location and they did so without the landlord's knowledge. Here are some the comments posted on yelp about that business.

"¢ Three people came for an hour and they only needed to clean the main rooms and two bedrooms rather than all three. For having three cleaners, I was really disappointed with the results. Not a single garbage can was emptied. The floor still had dirt and dog hair on it. They did not tidy up or wipe off any desks. They did not even put the three dishes in the sink in the dishwasher. I will gladly pay for my more expensive cleaners to come again because they actually clean the house.

"¢ I found Ebra through Living Social. They used a lavender oil that caused stains on my dining table. I reported this immediately to Collins, who I believe is the owner. She was very quick to communicate and promise a "fair resolution", but after a few weeks, she went dark on me. I filed a complaint with Living Social, who was also unsuccessful in speaking with Collins. Horrible business etiquette.

Now I need to spend hundreds of dollars to fix my table... No thanks. I'm filing a complaint in Small Claims Court and I'll let a Judge decide this issue.

"¢ I would not recommend this company..not even to my enemies. I purchased a cleaning package from LivingSocial and we eventually set an appointment weeks in advance after going back and forth. Just a few days before the service, they cancelled. When trying to rescheduled a month afterwards, I never heard back from them. I think they are overbooked and it shows in their customer service. I filed two complaints to LivingSocial and just ended up taking the credit. Why bother with the hassle. Be warned.

All in all stay away from this family. They seem charming and trustworthy but only if it benefits them. They assured me they knew what they were getting themselves into, but they abandon the shop, the contents and our contract. I have contacted an attorney and will be suing them in a civil court. Also because this was a family, initially I felt more comfortable----What parent teaches their children to rip people off and avoid the responsibilities?

If anyone has information to add. Please do.

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